Moorook is a small public primary school situated about 220km north-east from Adelaide in the Riverland. We pride ourselves on our small class sizes and low student to teacher ratios. As such, a strong sense of community exists within the school. We currently employ two full-time teachers, a principal and two school services officers to provide learning support and handle finance.

We also have a Christian Pastoral Support Worker who is employed two days a week to support the health and wellbeing our school community. The school has a strong teaching focus on literacy and numeracy as well as the arts, including visual arts and music, with many students participating in the Riverland Music festival.

Further, enriching programs such as environmental education, cooking classes, healthy eating and sporting and academic pursuits have been developed. Our values of caring, honesty, respect and sportsmanship underpin all our work.

We have a strong Student Representative Council that promotes student decision-making and leadership within the school. The school’s Governing Council is also proactive and encourages parent involvement and decision-making within the school environment.